About Us

Oodles.press is a unique news project, where every user is allowed to participate in discovering, disclosing, and shaping alternative viewpoints. Each user can debate with other users around the world in their own native language.

Oodles.press is a news aggregator, developed on the basis of a hybrid content generation model:

PGC – Provider-Generated Content

  • 500 news sources from all around the globe (news aggregation)
  • 20 categories from Politics to Science to Healthcare
  • A system for determining how the news is resonating across the internet (evaluation of social signals and comment tonality)

UGC – User-Generated Content

  • A system of readers’ international interaction, with automated translation
  • A user-reporter system (Black Box) so that new on-scene materials can be shared quickly
  • A cyber-journalism system to provide professionals and amateurs a convenient toolset for publishing their own articles analyzing newsfeeds from various spots around the world establishing the degree of unrest caused by various events how fast the news travels across mass-media and social networks

How it Works

Why are we doing this

In today’s information-age society, our opinions are shaped by the mass media and the information that they present. With so many sources, it can be difficult to keep up and sort out what is real and what is just that outlet’s agenda.

Oodles.press is a powerful and independent tool for reflecting real events. We are not indifferent towards our world. Regardless of where we live on earth, we share the same home. Our team feels personal responsibility and Oodles.press is our contribution to the well-being of our world.

The oodles.press project is being developed by the “Musqogee” team of entusiast professional developers “Musqogee”. The main values of Musqogee are:

  • Innvoations in every product – Each Musqogee-developed product must possess unique solutions both for the consumer and in the field of building informational systems
  • Sensitivity – We do not stay indifferent to the global problems of humanity and the environment nor to the personal tragedies and difficulties of every human being
  • Musqogee

    Each comment is subject to sentiment analysis that gives an idea of readers’ attitude towards the news. Each Oodles.Press visitor can easily express his/her opinion regarding the discussed news by leaving a comment as well as to show his/her attitude towards the news by means of a graphic survey.