Yale Prof Said Being Investigated For Sexual Harassment Caused His Heart Attack

The star Yale University philosophy professor accused of sexually harassing a former student attempted to halt an investigation into her claims, confidential documents obtained by The Huffington Post reveal. Thomas Pogge accused McAllister Olivarius, a law firm investigating the allegations, of spreading lies about him and causing stress that contributed to his heart attack, according to a 2012 complaint he filed with the New York Committee on Professional Standards. The committee ultimately dismissed Pogge's complaint, and legal ethics experts say his allegations appear to have had little merit. Former Yale student Fernanda Lopez Aguilar formally accused Pogge of sexually harassing her in 2010. Yale initially settled with Lopez Aguilar and got her to sign a university-drafted gag order, but the following year, after the school came under a federal investigation for other sexual misconduct cases, it began investigating her claims

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