Pride parade boosts crushed spirits | Letters

Pride parade boosts crushed spirits | Letters

On Saturday I went to the Pride London march and it was fantastic. The parade went on for hours and everyone was there, from Sadiq Khan to the Gay Men’s Dance Company, and religious groups. One wildly camp Muslim had us all chanting “Two, four, six, eight, is that Imam really straight?” There were groups from all the London hospitals, paramedics, gay Ugandans, men dressed as dogs, older lesbians … and a guy with a poster reading “We’ve had a couple of shit weeks – #Orlando, #Jo Cox, #leave the EU. But love will win!” I actually cried. I have my city back. This is 21st-century London – fun, loving, inclusive, accepting. And if the rest of the country doesn’t like it – well, up theirs. With a pineapple!Jill EckersleyLondon• Join the debate – email Continue reading...

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